Weekly Workout: 3/11/18

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With the warmer weather coming in… I thought it would be fun for you to get outside and get moving. My buddy and I hit a workout here in Colorado at the world famous amphitheater, Red Rocks. We did this exact workout and it took about 55 minutes. We were at altitude and it absolutely crushed us so I hope you enjoy it!


A Timer
Water bottle
Accountability – Grab a Buddy


5 Minutes of Light Cardio
10 Hurdlers each Way
60 Seconds Jump Rope10 Leg Swings each side
10 Butt Kicks
20 Side Lunges


Do this stair workout as a circuit. Get the blood flowing with the warm up and find the set of stairs and give it about 80% effort to run the while set up. Repeat this 3 times.

Once you’ve done that, perform 20 box jumps going up the stairs, 20 bear crawls back down, 20 skipping jumps back up, 20 burpees on each step going back down, down lunges going up, 20 bear crawls back down. That is the full circuit. Your heart will be pounding and legs will feel like jello, so be sure to give yourself a good rest of about 2 minutes. Repeat this circuit 3-5 times depending on fitness level.

If you want an added bonus, you can hit some abs… 20 leg lifts, 20 side crunches on each side, then 20 full crunches. Do this 2 times as a circuit.

Now, let’s do it!

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DISCLAIMER: Please consult your doctor and be sure you are capable of the movements before attempting.

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