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Up to 90 Min Session

Powerful Keynote Session

I am the most-effective health and mindset expert, and my talks inspire and train corporate men to prioritize their health and achieve their dreams. My speaking engagements bring positivity, honesty, and clarity to your audience with information they actually want to implement, immediately. Below are my most requested talks.

The number one reason businesses fail is NOT because they have a bad product. It’s NOT that they have a bad business or that the people running the company are bad people. It’s because of one thing—employee performance. Employees get burnt out too easily due to stress and lack of movement.

In our modern world, we are sedentary. However, that’s not how it used to be! In this talk, I explain how to help you and your employees take charge of their health with simple, yet effective tools, tips, and motivation, thus resulting in an increase in productivity.

I share the formula that ensures your employees will be more productive, increase sales, and have overall job satisfaction.

These three secrets are:
1) Bullet Proof Your Mindset
2) Eat for Vitality
3) Move to Live

I explain how these three secrets work together and how overtime they can compound you to effectively help your business and employees grow exponentially!

How often are your employees complaining about how stressed they are? In this talk we will take your people from stressed out corporate zombies to proactive, brilliant colleagues. The lines are so often blurred between work, home, and play – it’s no wonder cortisol levels shoot up, the average sleep time is between 5-6 hours, and employees feel like they can never “turn off.”

Employees may show up for “work” for a full 8 hours, but how much time do you think is spent productively? Most employees only do about 2-3 hours of actual productive work on a good day! So let’s change that.

In this talk, we’ll explore powerful exercises and implement strategies to spur employees to make the most of their time. This will leaves them with higher levels of satisfaction at work and the rest they need to come back every day fully charged and ready to rock!

Do you have employees who travel often or work remotely? While this is a great luxury and provides many benefits, there are challenges for those people when they mix their environments. Health tends to slip when employees travel, productivity drops, stress increases, and they can feel less connected to the mission of the company.

As an outside sales rep with over 120 flights alone in 2016 and 2017, I cracked the code for travelling and staying on top of my wellness. In this talk, I demonstrate effective movements that can be performed any where, strategies for healthy eating on the go, and ways to stay sane between flights and road trips.

Don’t let your employees fall off the wagon and you will see much higher returns in their travel.

I am happy to customize a talk for your specific group on request. I will work with you to create a powerful conversation that is the catalyst for change.

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Half Day // 3-4hrs

Corporate Workshops

I’m on a mission to impact over one million corporate executives and employees with strategic ways to stay healthy and in shape amidst the demands of their career, so they are empowered to be even more successful in all areas of their life. My dynamic, in-your-face workshops motivate men to break their self-sabotaging, negative habits and make healthier decisions. Below is an outline of a typical corporate workshop.

  •  Start the training with an early morning workout to get the blood flowing and raise the energy
  • Learn effective tips on how to integrate a healthy lifestyle in the workplace
  • Plan strategies to keep living healthy, even when you’re on the road
  • Brainstorm and outline action plans to create a strong career, strong mind, and strong body
  • Leave with a final workout, meal, and travel plan to set your employees up for success

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