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Bandaids Don’t Solve Problems

Bandaids Don’t Solve Problems. They are only temporary solutions… If you want success, you have to own success… And, Yes. That means it ALL. The Challenges. The Bumps. The Bruises. But Also, The Victories. The Magic Moments. The Breakthroughs. They are ALL Yours. No one can take them away. It takes hard, painful, f**king work and discipline to rebuild the

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Weekly Workout: 2/4/18

In honor of the Super Bowl, I created a workout you can do during it. In fact, you can use this anytime you are watching TV. This way you can make the most of it and still enjoy your snacks. What You’ll Need: A Timer Water bottle Towel *if you sweat like me 🙂 Accountability! Warm Up: 10 Air Squats

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3 Tips for Better Sleep

Here’s how to get QUALITY sleep and make it count, even if you only have 5-6 hours. I understand with your busy schedule that sleep doesn’t always take priority numero uno. In fact, you may even set the intention and go to bed with 7-8 hours of sleep ahead only to wake up and wonder why the heck you’re so

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Increase Your Energy Naturally!

If you’re like me, you struggle with energy levels throughout the day. Between our busy schedule at work, activities after work, and overall every-day-demands of life, you probably find yourself reaching for another energy drink or large cup of coffee. It goes without saying, but if we have low energy levels, we have low levels of productivity. Check out these

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Make use of your time in the car!

Make use of your time in the car! Brian Tracy refers to this as a rolling university. Basically, it means that you’re using the time you spend “rolling” from place to place in your car to learn. Think about how much time you spend in the car. Are you angry that you’re stuck in traffic? Are you anxious to get home