Bandaids Don’t Solve Problems

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Bandaids Don’t Solve Problems.

They are only temporary solutions…

If you want success, you have to own success…

And, Yes. That means it ALL.

The Challenges. The Bumps. The Bruises.

But Also, The Victories. The Magic Moments. The Breakthroughs.

They are ALL Yours. No one can take them away.

It takes hard, painful, f**king work and discipline to rebuild the structure of you, your life, and your vision.

There is something incredible to be said about peeling back the layers and putting it all on the line for what you want.

Circumstances won’t change who you are internally.

A different job, a new relationship, a different city, a new meal plan, a new gym, a new car, a different house….

None of that will change who you are on the inside.

So you might as well do yourself the biggest favor go all in.

Make the decision to make it through the other side.

The most successful people in the world didn’t waiver in their decisions.

They made a commitment with God to climb to the top of the mountain or be found dead on on their way up.

How many times are you going to keep going back to basecamp because it gets a cold, your muscles ache, or you get hungry on your path?

I challenge you… Don’t put a bandaid on it and go back to safety.

Keep moving forward. Keep pressing on. One foot in front of the other.

Know that this is the point that separates good from great.

Because if you turn around, you’ll never see the amazing view from the top that was meant for you and all of your hard work.

It’s now time that you make the commitment to endure the pain in order to soak in the views.

Here’s to climbing the mountain together


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