The #1 health and Mindset expert for corporate men

I will not let you waste away, surrounded by a big bank account and weak excuses. I will keep you focused on your health and your mindset, so you can be the best version of yourself, every day.

My Mission for Your Health & Wealth

I teach and inspire men climbing the corporate ladder to prioritize their body and mind, so they can reclaim the power in their lives.

I’m on a mission to impact over 1 million corporate men with strategic ways to be in the best shape of your life amidst the demands of the office and life on the road, so they are empowered to be even more successful for years to come.

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Think smart about health

You can be the richest man in the world but if you die early because you let your health go all that wealth means nothing. Your body deserves attention, care, and training so that you can live a long, powerful life.

Vulnerability is key

I want to break the rules and consistently invite people into a real experience with me. All of my work is personal, real, and intimate. I value deep connection and growth alongside powerful men.

Strength In Commitment

I value committing to an action, a goal, or a plan and sticking with it. Excuses will come and go, but staying committed to your dreams keeps you focused. I value keeping people motivated and on track with their commitments as they meet and exceed their goals.

Community everywhere

I played team sports my entire life, and know the power that comes from working together, sharing strengths, and surmounting challenges in a community. I bring this energy to all my work and form communities whenever I can.

My Truth

For my entire professional life I’ve been a corporate sales guy. I went from being a collegiate lacrosse player at Florida State University, to being thrown into the corporate world. During this transition, I was forced to re-prioritize my life as the demands of work and my desire to succeed became my main focus. I went from having all the time in the world to train and be in elite shape to squeezing in subpar workouts and eating on the go.

Then in 2015, I received sobering news. My uncle is one of my role models and is a corporate guy, too. At the age of 55, my uncle had a heart attack and almost died. It was obvious that the reason he was so unhealthy was because of his corporate lifestyle. He ignored his health while he grew his bank account and accumulated promotions.

In that moment, I realized that I could easily be in my uncle’s same shoes 20-30 years from now, if I didn’t make an active change to prioritize my health, my goals, and my life beyond a career. I see so many men like my uncle, and I’m driven to help them make changes to improve their health and save their own lives.